The Real Relationship Killer...

Relationships fail because somewhere along the way we stop seeing ourselves as a TEAM.

Our conversations become accusations, full of criticism, and judgement that eventually leave us depressed and
closed off. We’re left with a lot of deep hurt, rejection, and trauma.

We feel unimportant, disrespected, and alone. We struggle without help, not knowing how to do things

Alone, no more...

Now you can totally makeover your relationship. You can change your situation and take control of what matters most without therapy.

What?! A marriage therapist saying NO THERAPY? What’s the catch?

Listen, we got into this to help as many people as possible. Not everyone can work with me and those who do will fly from all 50 states and other countries to do so. And, frankly, my rates are higher than many people can afford.

So, my wife Morgan and I put together this program to help couples who are struggling, but aren’t in a place to do live counseling. Or for those who want something they can do outside of counseling.

Best of all, you don’t have to have painful conversations that just leave you feeling wounded and rejected.

You don’t have to go into an office or even convince your partner to do anything at all.

The Strong One’s Master Class is an alternative to couples counseling. It’s the most successful relationship turnaround program in the world.

The Master Class is a transformational and budget-minded rescuing system — AND it’s effective whether you’re doing it by yourself or together with your partner.

It’s designed to give you the very best tools so you can see immediate improvements from the very first day!

You’ll be doing this from the privacy of your own home, so no need to get a babysitter or take time off work.

Total Marriage Makeover was a game changer. The thing I loved most was getting the tools and principles that we continue to use in our marriage. I would highly recommend TMM to anyone.

— Marcus

If you need heart surgery, you want the best heart surgeon to help you. Well if you have relationship problems you want Total Marriage Makeover!

— Sarah

"We were really hopeless until we found TMM. We were going to get a divorce. They helped me get my spouse back."

— C.R

The Elephant In The Room That All Other Programs Fail To Address Successfully...

We hurt each other and we’ve been hurt. Not every trauma is caused by a giant betrayal or affair.

Sometimes, enough of the small things adding up over the years can be just as harmful. No amount of talking can bury the hurt well enough that it doesn’t come back up.

It’s not about dredging up the past. But it is about finally and fully healing the pain that keeps you stuck.

Chances are you’ve already tried to “fix” your issues, only to be left feeling more confused or unsure of what to do next.

Now let’s be clear…

You can’t force anyone to do what you want them to do. But you also wouldn’t want a relationship based on force anyway. That’s not how love works.

You want to attract your spouse to you. We can show you how.

What do you (Really) Want?

  • To reclaim your passion, not just tomorrow, or next week, but FOREVER?
  • To finally heal from the hurts and wounds?
  • To restore happiness, respect, intimacy, and sex?
  • To recapture the good times, have fun, and laugh with each other again?
  • To learn how to speak to your partner about things that matter to you?
  • To end the silence or disagreements once and for all?

This is all possible with the Strong One’s Master Class, if you’re willing to set aside 20 minutes a day for your relationship. That’s less time than it takes to drive across town for a cup of coffee.

It’s less time than one episode of your favorite Netflix show.

Why Do We Do This?

We’re Brad and Morgan Robinson. We started Total Marriage Makeover because we know what it’s like to struggle and hurt in a relationship.

We don’t want anyone to suffer the pain of a bad relationship. We know the pain a difficult marriage can have on a person. By the time Brad was 12 years old his mother had been married 3 times.

He was clueless on what it took to have a happy healthy relationship. He’s since figured it out and has helped thousands know how too. Today, Brad and Morgan know the joy of a loving, exciting, passionate marriage as well.

We began by helping thousands of couples locally in our counseling practice and hundreds of thousands of couples world-wide through our podcast, called Healing Broken Trust.

It dawned on us that since couples experience transformation in a few days when they meet with us 1-on-1, nothing should stop you from experiencing amazing results no matter where you are.

Even if your partner isn’t completely engaged or wanting to work on things, this work is still for you. Even if your partner isn't the same person you fell in love with when you got married.

You can do this.

But Can People (And Relationships) Change...
I Mean Really, Do They?

Change is actually the only guarantee you have in life.

Change can be positive or negative, but you get to choose.

It’s kind of like taking care of a car.

If you do nothing to maintain the engine, or keep rust from overcoming the paint, then you’ll get a rusty, broken down, pile of crap over time. Sound romantic? Probably not.

But if you perform routine maintenance and rebuild the engine as needed you’ll have a beautiful classic car that runs forever.

But can our personalities change?

Yes. People change all the time. We have to adapt to survive.

The fact is, the longer a person lives with trauma, the more their personality changes for the worse.

We keep the distrusting, paranoid, state if we don’t deal with the pain.

The pain overcomes our natural healthy state and makes us into angry, painful people to be around.

We can choose the opposite.

We can bury the pain that turns into festering wounds...

Or we can become the warm, loving, kind, affectionate people we’re meant to be.

Become someone who attracts your partner because your mental health is at its best. Be able to genuinely smile, have patience, and be open to life. Grow into someone who enjoys each day.

What will your choice be?

My wife and I are forever grateful for the guidance during the toughest moments of our life together. We learned new ways of communicating and these are tools that we’ll have the rest of our lives

— Eric

I can honestly say that my husband and I wouldn’t be married today without this course. Not only did it help restore our marriage, but it gave me my best friend back!

— Valerie

In our marriage, one of us had committed the ultimate betrayal and it was getting harder by the day to move on from the mistake. This course got us trusting each other again. I recommend this to anyone.

— Joshua

How Does This Course Do All This For Me?

Before we jump into the details of the content…

Please DON’T get this program if the following describes you. We mean it.
We want you to find something that will help you.

We don’t want your money if...

  • You prefer to live as a victim in order to
    place the blame on other people
  • You don’t want to step up and take
    responsibility right now
  • You’re okay with not learning from your
  • You want to start over in a new relationship
    knowing it may end the same way
  • You prefer to listen to the conflicting
    opinions of friends, family members and
  • You fail to realize there IS hope for your
  • Your relationship involves any sort of
    domestic violence. If it does PLEASE seek
    help at a local women’s shelter.

Get this course if...

  • You know you don’t want to give up, you’re
    just not sure what to do
  • You’re ready to try something new because
    the old way isn’t working
  • You’re excited by the idea of getting your
    best friend back
  • You want to restore the vibrancy of your
    relationship with more passion and more
  • You want to feel happy, confident and
    unconditionally loved again
  • You are READY to hear and be heard
    You want to set a good example for your

Each of these topics is a total deep-dive that will provide you with solid, proven strategies and action plans so
you can see positive shifts right away.

This course is perfect for you if you’re afraid of where your relationship is headed.

With The Strong One’s Master Class

You will have ongoing support, powerful video modules, and downloadable action exercises to guide you (you don’t have to feel alone anymore)!

  • See positive changes after the very first lesson
  • Shift your partner’s mood from anger or withdrawal to love and passion
  • Bring more romance into the relationship for both partners
  • Be a little selfish and know how it’s actually good for both of you
  • Address the #1 topic everyone misses in their relationship

Here's What We Cover:

Lesson 1

How To See Instant Changes In Your Mate

I will tell you what to do and say step by step so you can start seeing changes after the very first lesson. You will know what to say and do to NOT trigger your mate’s negative defenses. What you will discover will actually cause your partner to enjoy your presence and cause them to lower their walls with you.

Lesson 2

The 3 Strategies For Getting What You Want

You’ll discover what you can do to make your mate hopelessly and passionately in love with you. I’ll give you strategies you can do to shift your partner’s mood from the angry, stressed out, depressed or withdrawn responses you’ve been getting.

I’ll also show you what to do when your partner is using negative strategies to get your attention. I won’t be leaving you hanging here, you’ll know what to say and do to navigate this arena. Also, I’ll show you what kind of attention men are really missing out on, but are too afraid or ashamed to tell you.

Lesson 6

How To Keep The Love With Your Mate And Heal the Wounds Of Rejection

This is the topic that everyone misses when it comes to their marriage and those that do focus on this topic don’t ever do it justice.

Finally, get the secret to healing past mistakes and scars, while taking the steps necessary to maintain the deep and loving connection you’ve always wanted.

This lesson alone will change how you view everything in your relationship. I reveal the 7 secrets to healing relationship wounds. If one of these 7 secrets is missing your relationship will stay stuck in “relationship purgatory.”

Plus, These Free Bonuses

The Strong One’s Master Class is incredibly effective and can be the game changer you need. But we didn’t want to stop there, so we included three more bonuses.

Healing Hurts Add-On

($197 Value)

Access to Q&A

($297 value)

The Toolkit Journal

($17 value)

These bonuses take everything you’ll learn a step further and give you access to proven and EFFECTIVE tools to help you heal and emerge a stronger, happier person with confidence!

Bonus 1: The Healing Hurts Quick Start Guide

Being human is so hard. We hurt each other and often don’t even realize it! We can have traumas without even knowing we have them.

They sometimes manifest themselves as panic attacks and what feels like a heart attack. Sometimes it comes out as anger or depression or clinginess.

But when we go to the urgent care they say it’s nothing!

It can be so confusing and scary! Someone recently asked me, “If nothing at all is wrong then why do I feel like I’m dying?”

In this simple mini-program we walk you through several exercises that help individuals relax and gain composure when stress is overwhelming.

Maybe you have experienced infidelity or another serious relationship injury.

To fully heal you must be able to find internal and bodily peace. These therapeutic tools can be used any time and anywhere so you can gain control of your situation.

Bonus 2: Access To 7 Recorded Q&A Calls With Brad

You’ll get access to seven 60-minute teleseminars with Brad that are pre-recorded.

You can listen to it from our members-only website or download them to your smartphone, iPad, or any listening device.

We dive deeper into specific questions about topics like infidelity, sex, trauma, impending divorce, and more. You’ll get answers to questions not directly covered in the Strong One’s master class.

This will be done virtually, so you won’t have to physically go anywhere. It’s included as a bonus to your Strong One’s purchase.

Bonus 3: 30 Day Journal

Just to be sure we cover all our bases we want you to have one more thing.

We want you to have this journal as well. You will download it and print it from home. It’s a great way to keep inventory of what’s going on as you experience transformation.

It comes with guided questions and reminders of why you’re doing this work.

Remember it’s not just for your relationship. You’re doing this work for you!

No matter what you choose. Whether you choose to stay in this relationship or not, you take you with you out into the world. You bring all your experiences with you into all of your relationships.

Doing this work is the best insurance for present and future happiness.

The Strong One’s Master Class

You will have ongoing support, powerful video modules, and downloadable action exercises to guide you (you don’t have to feel alone anymore)!

  • See a real transformation begin after just lesson one
  • Use 3 simple tips that will leave your partner craving you
  • Kick what's boring and bring more fun into your lives
  • Become attractive and sexy by actually being a little selfish
  • Get the secret to healing past hurts and deepen your love

Healing Hurts Add-On

($197 Value)

Access to Q&A

($297 value)

The Toolkit Journal

($17 value)

Everything together is valued at over $900, but today you can get it for less than half of that.

Regularly $908

Your Investment $297

Get 67% Off Today!


If You’re Not Satisfied, We’re Not Either...

We’re so confident that you’ll experience tremendous shifts and breakthroughs in your relationship that we’re willing to back it up with a 100% zero risk, no questions asked, no worries, money back guarantee.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your Strong One’s Master Class, simply contact our customer care team and request a refund.

You have 30 days to try this program out and see if it’s right for you. This means you have absolutely zero to lose, and your beautiful relationship to gain.

Hear More About Our “Why”

(turn up you speakers and watch this brief but important video)


What does this course cover?

Communication is so much more than simply having a conversation. It's about really hearing and understanding each other, while feeling secure and relaxed. This is the gateway to true intimacy in your relationship. Without it, you can't get past the bigger hurts.

You’ll also get insights into why your partner might be hesitant to change. You'll gain an understanding of what's really going on in their mind so you can help them change from the inside out.

How long is this course?

This is a self paced course. You can have access to the entire program as long as you want, so you can review the material and get refreshers whenever you’d like.

What happens after this course?

Many students join live coaching, or bring their partner to meet with us in person (or online) to work through their findings and experiences from this program. This is not a requirement, just a path some choose to take to improve their relationship further.

Is this course meant for a group, with my partner, or alone?

This work is meant for you to gain more clarity. That might happen easier for you by working on the course by yourself, or maybe you’ll get more clarity by working with your partner. Ultimately, there are certain exercises you may wish to try with your partner, or do by yourself.

The bottom line is you don’t need your partner for this program to be successful. There is so much you can do on your own to experience a Total Marriage Makeover.

How quickly will I receive the program?

Immediately. You don’t have to wait days or weeks for the mail. You can literally start as soon as you get to the thank you page that follows your purchase. In order to get this relationship saving program to you quickly and get the party started right away we’ve made it digital only.

I’m too angry to begin working on the relationship, what if I (or they) don’t want to work on the relationship?

Sometimes anger is a catalyst for change. It can be the thing you need to discover what you want out of life. If you’re not ready to work on the relationship that’s okay. Start with the individual work for now and see where that takes you. If we only did things based on how we feel then many of us wouldn’t have a roof over our heads because we didn’t feel like going to work. Start the work and feelings often follow.

Are they going to hurt me again...I’m afraid they will hurt me again... will this address that?

This is such a natural fear that so many hurting partners share. You’re not alone! It can be so hard to open up after being hurt. One goal of this program is to arm you with knowledge and understanding. Our goal is to build you up and strengthen you so your self confidence can return. People are going to make their own choices. No one can control your partner’s choices but them. But our goal here is to help you rebuild so no matter what you or your partner decides, you will come out on top. Remember, broken bones rebuild even stronger.

Regularly $908

Your Investment $297

Get 67% Off Today!