• How do I work with Total Marriage Makeover?

    You can reach out to us here.

  • How much are your programs or counseling?

    No one wants to feel like they’re paying too much for anything.  We assure you that we are worth every penny you invest with us.
    Keep in mind, you are investing in yourself and your relationship.  We have 3 different programs and pricing tiers. Our services and products vary from online programs, courses, online and in person coaching, week-to-week counseling, full day intensive retreats, and more. We also offer discounts for paying in advance.
  • When can I expect results?

    This depends on a number of factors, your goals, and your commitment to the process. People often see a difference in the very first session but it varies based on the couple and the needs you come in with. Many of our clients see results from the online programs immediately.

  • What’s the difference between this and marriage counseling?

    The Total Marriage Makeover was created from our experience in helping couples in our marriage counseling private practice.  We’ve literally spent thousands of hours studying and nearly a decade working with countless couples 1-on-1 to heal their relationship.  We’ve taken all of the lessons we’ve learned and all the best researched methods and have put it into a format that you can do from home.  The main difference here is we’re not seeing you face to face in our office (although that can be an option). You can do what we teach our couples in the office but from the comfort of your own home.
  • How effective are your trainings?

    Their effectiveness depends completely on your willingness to put these principles into effect. We’ve taken decades of research and methods that work with thousands of couples and individuals and we’re breaking it down for you. But ultimately it’s up to you to work the system.
  • Will your courses help rekindle romance? Do they help with sex?

    Yes to both! We have heard so much amazing feedback from clients that tell us that their sex life has never been better after working with us.
  • I’m too angry to begin working on the relationship... what if I (or they) don’t want to work on the relationship?

    Sometimes anger is a catalyst for change.  It can be the thing you need to discover what you want out of life.  If you’re not ready to work on the relationship that’s okay. Start with the individual work for now and see where that takes you.  If we only did things based on how we feel then many of us wouldn’t have a roof over our heads because we didn’t feel like going to work.  Start the work and feelings often follow.