Who Are We?

We’re Brad and Morgan Robinson, and we started Total Marriage Makeover because we love taking couples from feeling “down and out,” to seeing their relationship blossom again within weeks.

What is Total Marriage Makeover?

This is truly a complete transformational makeover and we absolutely love what we do! Our mission is to help couples achieve the love, happiness, and intimacy they desire and deserve.

Who is Brad Robinson?

Brad started marriage counseling about 10 years ago – first as a passion project and as a way of healing his own trauma due to his parents divorce and infidelity – and now as a full-time business owner. He has a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.  

Who is Morgan Robinson?

Morgan joined Brad on this mission because the business of building families and marriages is the job of all members of the family. Every perspective counts. If we are going to help build you up, then you must know that we have our house in order.

We have 2 beautiful children named Luke and Brenna. They are our WHY, each and every day.